About us

Score Card Handicap And Leaderboard App

Designed by golfers for golfers and at a price everyone can afford. Packed full of useful features for the club member or the non club player and especially for organisers of roll ups, swindles, social days, tournaments, corporate events and club competitions including Pro Ams, Am Ams and Charity days.

We take the hassle out of the game and help you just play and keep your scores. We all stay safe from totally contactless procedures, help keep the golfing carbon footprint down, save trees, energy, realtime costs and ultimately the environment.


digital scoring apps save approximately 35 million pieces of card/paper a year if we were to abolish manual score cards

No need to handle cash using our integrated payment engine, all transactions are safe and secure using the latest encryption and banking protocols.

No need for pens, pencils, markers or the associated accessories that get lost in the pouches of the golf bag.

All the savings that are made will positively help the UK’s overall carbon footprint and save the massive unnecessary waste created every year by the golfing fraternity.

Our address: Schala Ltd, Rosecroft House,Surrey Gardens,East Horsley KT24 5HF