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    Join a game using a unique game code

    Enter your game code and within moments you are in the game and scoring

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    Score for 1 or for all Players

    You choose who will score in your group Either score for all your group for social/fun games Or for competitive golf, verify your score with another player

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    Enter the scores for each hole

    Or Pickup, Did Not Finish, Did Not Play (For World Handicapping) When you have completed the round, your scores will automatically be submitted to the game organiser (equivilent to handing your card in)

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    View The Leaderboard

    the leaderboard for the results
    The Organiser can also annonnce the placings using Presentation mode Custom Handicaps (if setup) are adjusted automatically

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Benefit : Advertising opportunities in app for every hole on every score card – Upsell advertising to your hole sponsors and large society & corporate days – advertise pro shop goods and services on every score card – advertise F&B at halfway huts and the bar/restaurant, using SCHALA's very easy to use advertising manager

SCHALA vs Competitors

Benefit : Compared to other live leaderboard apps, SCHALA beats them all - SCHALA can be used all year round, no need for special devices and additonal staff. SCHALA simply works on the players mobile phone within seconds of joining the event

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Eco Friendly

Benefit : Save costs on card printing and pencils. Improve your clubs carbon footprint and be more sustainable. - By using SCHALA at your club, you will help to save millions of trees and reduce the amount of scorecards being discarded.


Benefit : Replace your touchpoints by eliminating scorecards for daily play and organized events. Players enter hole-by-hole scores which calculates instant results and live leaderboards. Players scores are automatically verified elminating the need to sign a card.


Benefit : Give Organisers the option to use the live leaderboard and options to present the winners using our unique presentation mode. Keep the field guessing as to who is in the prizes. Simply open SCHALA on your big TV in the club house or laptop and reveal the top 3 , 5, 10 or all placings on the leaderboard, one by one in either direction ie first to last or vice versa.


Benefit : Great for Rollups, Swindles and even club main competitions and events. All players can track their results anywhere anytime using their phone, tablet or Laptop.


Benefit : Use SCHALA to replace your paper scorecard and digitally score using our free web based app. Invite your friends to play and select from a variety of scoring formats, including side games. Track your scores over time and if you want to score for large groups just upgrade to our organisers package.


Benefit : Simply enter your gross score for each hole either on the course or using SCHALA's unique *QuickScore* entry after the game. Let SCHALA calculate your scores and points based upon your handicap index or social handicap.

Submit your card for handicap purposes

Benefit : If you are eligible, you can submit your completed card from SCHALA direct to your home golf club. Playing away, no problem, with one tap of the screen card before the game starts, you notify both home and away clubs that you intend to submit your gross scores. After the game, they will be automatically sent to your home club for entry into the World Handicapping System.

Contactless Payment

Benefit : Using SCHALA's unique and safe payment engine, you can pay your society, rollup or swindle entry fees without the need for handling cash. Any cash prizes can be paid back into your account by the event organiser

Easily access all your round history and tournament results.

Benefit : Check your eclectics and order of merit status anytime anywhere. Do you need to better that 5 on the par 3, 9th?


Benefit : Not only can you score your medal or stableford round, but by linking multiple side games, you can play different formats

Create customised rules for you rollups, society, swindles, away days and golf holidays

Benefit : Using SCHALA's unique custom rule builder, create rules for your custom handicaps, leaderboard placings and winners. Automatic custom handicap adjustment - no need for that large excel worksheet.

Immediate Leaderboard Results

Benefit : Don't spend ages sifting through and checking illegible scorecards. Immediatley see the leaderboard and announce the winners within minutes of the last group completing their round.

Unique Leaderboard and Presentation Mode

Benefit : Usng SCHALA's unique leaderboard mode, you as the organiser can hide the leaderboard from all players with the ability for you to be the only player that sees it. Make the leader viewable to everyone but the player on the course, i.e anyone in the clubhouse or at home. Presentation mode allows options to present the winners using our unique presentation mode. Keep the field guessing as to who is in the prizes. Simply open SCHALA on your big TV in the club house or laptop and reveal the top 3 , 5, 10 or all placings on the leaderboard, one by one in either direction ie first to last or vice versa.

Contactless Payment

Benefit : Save the aggravation of collecting entry fees or holiday payments, course fees, buggies etc, using SCHALA's unique and safe payment engine, without the need for handling cash. Any cash prizes can be paid back into the player's account by the event organiser. Even collect the holiday whip money and use your phone to pay the bar/restaurant bill. Collect and keep track of top ups as needed.

Automatic Tee Sheet Creation

Benefit : Once you have created your event, and organised the players groupings, SCHALA will automatically create a tee sheet on all phones or in pdf format if you want to distribute via email, social media or WhatsApp etc

Easy for players to join your event

Benefit : Sharing the event on email, social media, WhatsaApp etc, enables the player to join your game in 1 tap of a shareable game code link, which is automatically created for you.

Golf Club Revenue Opportunities

Golf Clubs can take advantage of our advertising and sponsorship packages. Show adverts when players reach certain holes or more generally throughout a game. Advertising space can also be used to promote club facilities. The possibilities are endless and can help your club to earn additional revenue. Great for COVID-19 Notices and social distancing rules. Use SCHALA to upsell corporate or society golfers at your golf club. Additional revenue opportunities for co-sponsoring and advertising options.

As players use SCHALA to score, advertising is shown on each hole when they complete their digital scorecard. Players can also download and viewport the advertising after the game has been played - Stats show you how many players clicked on the adverts to show interest.

Example Revenue Opportunities - How to earn more income at your club?

You can earn additonal revenue by selling additonal digital 18 hole sponsorship

>Upsell Society Days to sponsor digital holes

>Upsell Corporate Days to sponsor all the holes

>Sell advertising to your Pro-Am sponsors

Purchase our Advertising Package and SCHALA is Free for your club.

Example Packages

£ Price

Suggested Advertising Revenue

(18holes @ £15.00pm)

Corporate Day Sponsorhsip
Pro Am Fees
Total Additonal Revenue
unlimited corporate day, society and advertising packages, the more you sell, the more revenue you make

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to actually download anything, just go to and register. It is totally free to use as a player and all you need is the game code from your organiser to be able to score in the game and enjoy the benefits of SCHALA’s features.

SCHALA automatically calculates the course handicap and your playing handicap using your own Handicap Index, the Course Rating, and the Slope Rating. Standard game rules are already configured to comply with the WHS format and as a digital scoring app, Schala also records all gross scores for every game played and can report and export files in whatever standard format for any system at all.

All your scores will be saved on your device and downloaded to the SCHALA servers when a connection is found albeit on the course or in the club house. This can be on a 3G, 4G or 5G data link or of course standard WiFi, so nothing will be lost. You may experience a lack of updates on the leaderboard until the connection is made, but all the data is safe.

Yes of course you can. For Players, SCHALA is totally free and any additional subscription plan is valid for 12 months from the date of payment. Auto renew of any subscription plan is optional but your basic registration is totally free forever for anywhere in the world.

Yes, SCHALA can work internationally and is only currently limited by language restraints. Any club in the world can have its score cards registered on the system and if there is one that you need to be set up on SCHALA, please let us know via our website contact form. Please allow 14 days for this to be completed and for us to complete the process, unless you can provide us with the golf club details, Course Ratings and Slope Ratings.

SCHALA is not a native app ie iOS or Android specific. It is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) which just requires a shortcut to operate through a browser on your device. We strongly recommend either Safari or Chrome for the best experience and you will be asked if you would like SCHALA to set up a shortcut link to your home screen when you first register.

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